Dave-Altavilla---Casual-smallAs the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, David Altavilla is a leading professional in the computer and mobile technology journalism industry. He is counted on by manufacturers and consumers throughout the world for his expertise and understanding of leading-edge products and technologies. David has followed the evolution of the tech scene since his early days in the semiconductor industry and brings that insight to a popular tech-savvy publication targeted at mainstream consumers, enthusiasts and IT professionals –

David’s Story

While working in the Semiconductor industry, David also began building his own computer systems as a hobby and with passion for computer technology. Over time, through self-education, this hobby lead to start-up efforts that ultimately brought his Tech web publication into reality.

The business began when David Altavilla connected with a reseller who sent him his first motherboard to check out and inspect. They set up the website, on which David began reviewing various technology products and writing about them for what was then just a simple blog, before the word “blog” was even coined. Manufacturers began sending David products to review as a way to get the word out about their latest tech gear. Companies needed someone who understood the technology and was able to write about it in a way that was not just accessible to the average consumer, but also engaging and insightful for true geeks.

You can find out more about David, his current efforts and the services he provides on his AngelList profile.


In 2008, HotHardware became a full-time career for David Altavilla, though other members of the team were already working exclusively for the publication. The company currently has a staff of freelance writers and professional tech journalists. The website is focused on evaluating technology and breaking it down to digestible and understandable terms for the typical consumer. However, the site does cater to the tech-savvy audience as well, offering an in-depth coverage on products and detailed analysis of performance metrics. In addition to his website, David also has a column with Forbes, covering breakout technologies in mobile, desktop and data center.hothardware_editors_choice

David’s expertise and experience in computing technology brings a unique perspective to the tech industry as our society is continually shaped and enhanced through innovation and advancements. He has a deep understanding for the inner workings of the tech industry and which companies are engineering truly breakout products. David is always excited about what the future has in store and can usually be found testing the latest technological innovations before they even hit the market.