Growing Up Geek, Back Then It Wasn’t As Cool (A Short Biography By Engadget)

Back in the day, as someone once painfully put, it wasn’t all that cool to be a geek. Nowadays, many-a-geek rules the earth, though when I was growing up, being into technology, computers and heck, even gaming wasn’t exactly in fashion. As a kid, I spent my fair share of time gaming in the basement but I was also a hybrid jock/geek as well, one that didn’t quite know which crowd to run with, to be honest. What I did know was that figuring out what made something tick was more interesting than school and so I tinkered, a lot – with musical instruments (mostly electric), walkie-talkies or you name it, whatever was new and innovative.

It wasn’t until I graduated college with a BS in Business, that I found computing. I built my first 486DX-33 desktop PC with components from a local shop and upgrades from friends in the business at the time, and it was game over. Technology, where have you been all my life? Fascinating.

David Altavilla at Fitchburg State College

Fitchburg State Radio – My first job as an FM DJ. “Pray for waves.”

Flash-forward a couple of decade later (or more) and now I test, evaluate and analyze technology, products and tech manufacturers for a living. What started out as a stroke of luck, answering a help wanted ad in the Boston Globe, turned out to be a full time career in the Semiconductor industry, as a sales engineer – all the while, cultivating a fascination with technology.

One day I left the day job and became and Tech analyst and journalist with my own publication called – “The Hottest Technologies, Tested And Burned In.” The good folks at Engadget put up a little chronicle about me, actually. Have a look-see, if you’re bored. Growing up geek was a bit of an adjustment but folks seems to adjust just fine, over time.