Reviewing An Autonomous Smart Desk – It’s What Your Back Craves

As an industry analyst and editor in chief of an online publication, as you can imagine I spend a fair amount of my workday sitting on my butt. After years of this posture-busting failure of ergonomic proportions I decided to look for a site-stand desk. I found a convertible desktop model that transforms my existing desk into a sit-stand capable setup, but I also wanted one for the studio, for video and still camera work on set. That’s where the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 came into play.

Adorned in hard shell satin white finish, with a 53-inch surface area and infinite motorized adjustability, the Autonmous Smart Desk 2 is a low cost, but high quality, free-standing sit-stand desk that you might want to consider if you’re looking for an attitude and altitude adjustment for your desktop workspace.

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 Autonomous AI Smart Desk 2 Review - David Altavilla